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Sherpa Coaching creates leaders who guide, empower and serve others. Here is what we believe:

  • Great leaders must be role models for great business behavior.

  • Leaders and their teams benefit from a toolbox of coaching skills.

  • Executive coaching must be driven by the power of proven process.


Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Sherpa Coaching is home to world-leading educators and researchers in executive coaching.

We have trained and certified executive coaches since 2004. Today, at the University of Georgia and Howard University, we conduct the most widely-recognized program in the profession. The original authors teach from their classic text ‘The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching’.

Our research team conducts an annual survey, the largest and longest-running in the industry. The results are always made available at no charge, for the betterment of executive coaching.

Based on the most detailed coaching process in print, Sherpa Coaching provides coaching services through a global network, and offers workshops and training programs to refine leadership skills.

Sherpa Coaching Mission and Vision

* To enhance the credibility of executive coaching by introducing
processes and standards of practice which become widely accepted.

* To be the leading source of research, education and certification
in executive coaching, and to earn that status by offering the best
instruction and support available. Independent university endorsements
( ten in all) speak louder than 'pay to play' 'certifications' elsewhere. 

* To provide executive coaching services which consistently deliver
excellent results, based on a solid and reliable process tailored to each
person we work with.

* To provide training and workshops which change business behavior,
providing managers and leaders with powerful coaching skills.