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EXCO 12 was held in Cincinnati, June 4-6, 2017

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EXCO 2017, the 12th annual executive coaching conference, ran from June 4-6th with great success. This year’s event saw an incredible group of Master Sherpa Coaches and special guests put their heads together with attendees for 3 days of talks, group activities, knowledge sharing, and networking.


Attendees enjoyed an intimate and stimulating setting as this year’s conference followed a single track model. It allowed everyone to participate in each talk. The theme was ‘Tools of the Trade,’ and several Master Sherpa coaches delivered unique, interactive talks about each of the 10 Sherpa coaching paths.


Prior to the conference, Sherpa co-founders Brenda Corbett and Judith Kinebrew investigated how often various Sherpa paths and tools were being used by coaches. This informal survey yielded some interesting results! A vast majority of coaches, it turns out, was using the same 3 paths. Why weren’t they using all of them? Why were some sitting in the tool box collecting dust? How, Brenda and Judy wondered, can we get people using the whole tool box? After all, limiting ourselves to a reduced set of tools can only result in limiting our clients’ long-term success.


So they called on a team of Master Sherpa coaches and experts to knock the dust off these tools. Over the course of the conference attendees were led through talks designed to refamiliarize coaches with each path. Check out this impressive list of presenters and topics.


Jenn Chloupek has been a Master Sherpa since 2011. She’s a lifelong teacher dedicated to building connections, and co-author of ‘Why It Matters.’ She added great insight by presenting both the Problem Solving Path and Time Management Path, with an assist from certified Sherpa coach and registered dietician Diane Dew.


A Master Sherpa since 2008, Romie Horton serves as an executive coach, facilitator, and trainer for leaders and teams in the energy sector. Romie delivered a great talk on the Listening Path.


Award-winning leadership and executive coach and trainer Brian McConnell explored the Non-Productive Behavior Path. Brian draws on his experience as founder and Chief Coaching Officer of his own leadership development and coaching company.


Ann Chinnis is both a Master Sherpa coach and an emergency physician, giving her the unique skillset needed to serve as CEO of an executive coaching firm specializing in leadership development in healthcare. She led conference attendees down the Creating Enthusiasm Path.


Brenda Corbett, co-author of ‘The Sherpa Guide: Process-driven Executive Coaching,’ has spent decades defining and refining leadership development. She focused on the Leadership Path for one of her sessions at EXCO 2017.


Brenda joined her Sherpa co-founder Judith Kinebrew to talk about Mindful Discovery and the philosophy of ‘Living Like a Coach.’ Their combined insight in the field of executive coaching is unparalleled.


Judy also tackled the Sherpa coaching Image and Presence Path. Judy trains and certifies executive coaches, drawing on her experience as CEO of both a startup company and an established institution. She also co-authored ‘Be … Don’t Do: The Sherpa Guide to Coaching for Managers.’


Ted Wackerly’s EXCO 2017 talks highlighted the Decision Making Path and Communication Path. Ted’s coaching style focuses on executive presence and business behavior, drawing on his extensive background in both business and finance.


Pam Basil has held the position of social services director at a non-profit agency since 1982. She’s served the developmentally disabled for over 40 years. Pam’s talk refreshed attendees knowledge of the Personal Vision Path.


In a unique 3-part session Sherpa managing partner Karl Corbett and VP of HR at Stanley Black and Decker Stephen Subasic engaged the audience with a variety of powerful data. They explored differences and similarities between external and internal coaches. Stephen shared invaluable knowledge and experience in establishing the credibility of executive coaching inside a global organization. Karl and Stephen equipped conference attendees with a variety of selling points and advice for furthering their coaching careers.


Conference attendees gained incredible insight from this engaging group of presenters and earned recertification credentials. Companies and organizations around the globe are continuing to rely on the Sherpa process.


Making this commitment to the Sherpa process ensures that these organizations provide essential resources to their executives and managers. It will help their leaders improve weaknesses and maintain strong leadership attributes in clearly defined and measurable ways. The impact on business includes increased morale and productivity coupled with reduced staff attrition.


With its established brand, clearly defined purpose, and research-based coaching process, Sherpa continues to grow and add new clients and coaches. Universities around the country continue to support the Sherpa movement. The wide-reaching annual executive coaching survey includes 12 years of invaluable data. Sherpa is leading the way in this growing industry!


Take a look at this year’s award winners, announced at EXCO 2017, the annual executive coaching conference!


New Master Sherpa Coach

New Master Sherpa Dr. Laura Bierema


Congratulations to new Master Sherpa Dr. Laura Bierema. Laura has been a Sherpa Coach since 2009, when she earned her certification from the University of Georgia. She has also completed the Coaching Skills Trainer (CST) certification and won Trailblazer of the Year in 2012. Laura is a professor at UGA, preparing professionals and leaders in adult education, human resources, and organizational development. She created Coaching Skills for Leaders, a freshman class at UGA. Laura is a talented and prolific writer. She authored ‘Implementing a Critical Approach to Organizational Development,’ published in 2011. Congratulations to our newest Master Sherpa Coach, Dr. Laura Bierama!


Trailblazer of the Year

Trailblazer of the Year – Mike Zorn


The “Trailblazer of the Year” is a firebrand who practices and promotes executive coaching with unbridled enthusiasm. They show exceptional passion for the Sherpa movement, in their own organization and in the world at large. Their work is innovative, applying Sherpa concepts and principles to make positive changes in the lives they touch.


Mike Zorn, who served as Senior Vice President Associate and Labor Relations at Macy’s until recently, is the first student to go through the entire Executive Coaching Certification online. This coach is highly prepared, conscientious, and organized. He completed the practicum work and all 44 quizzes. As the first to complete the online certification, Mike will always be known as a pioneer and trailblazer.
We are proud to call this new Sherpa one of our own. Congratulations, Mike Zorn!


Sherpa of the Year

Sherpa of the Year – Randy Swaim


The “Sherpa of the Year” is a Certified Sherpa Coach who has demonstrated mastery of the Sherpa coaching process. They have extensive experience, and they work to promote use of the process. They also show a willingness to share their work, their ideas, and their expertise to encourage and support other Sherpas.


Randy Swaim is always looking for new horizons. As an F4 jet fighter pilot he’s one of the few people ever to fly to such an altitude as to see the curvature of the earth. Randy has been a Sherpa coach since 2010, earning his certification from Texas Christian University. He’s a consummate student, devoted to the process. He’s taken every certification class, most of them several times. A champion of the process, he is truly dedicated and loyal to the Sherpa way. A leader in online education, Randy has been known to spread the word about the Sherpa community. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” he says. Randy uses his leadership skills as an Air Force lieutenant to develop his own unique leadership and development training.

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