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EXCO 12 will be in Cincinnati, June 4-6, 2017. Save the date now! You need to be there.

The 12th annual Executive Coaching Conference, as in years past, will be the center of the executive coaching world.


EXCO always brings you top-level speakers: authors, educators, researchers and innovators from around the world.


Here’s what’s new, from 2016 going forward. We are going back to the fundamentals of the Sherpa process. You will be a better coach for coming: more confident and more successful. We will  focus on serious continuing education, directly from the authors of the Sherpa process.


This conference is sponsored by Sherpa Coaching, publishers of the annual Executive Coaching Survey. If you are a Certified Sherpa Coach, this is essential. If you are not, you owe it to yourself to come and check this out.


Here is a look back at the last two conferences:



The 11th annual EXCO concluded on June 7, 2016 with great success. Top-level experts provided powerful insights to delegates from around the globe. Internal and external Sherpa coaches received training and re-certification to hone their skills with the proven Sherpa process.


EXCO 2016 delegates effectively gained a greater awareness about:

  • Passing the Torch to Millennials
  • Best Practices for the Executive Coach
  • The Power of Assessments
  • Leadership Lessons from the Army
  • Executive Coaches as Leaders
  • Insights from the 11thAnnual Coaching Survey
  • New enhancements to the Sherpa Process


Several key organizations have implemented the Sherpa process, including Toyota, Stanley Black and Decker, Duke Energy, and the National Cancer Institute. Making this commitment to the Sherpa process ensures that these organizations provide essential resources to their executives and managers. It will help their leaders improve weaknesses and maintain strong leadership attributes in clearly defined and measurable ways. The impact on business includes increased morale and productivity coupled with reduced staff attrition.


Sherpa also announced an innovative initiative called Sherpa Triads. Certified Sherpa Coaches will work in triads (groups of 3) to provide each other with encouragement, resources and continuing education. The Triad program includes monthly learning initiatives delivered on line. Triads hold three-way discussion meetings, create monthly videos and comment on each other’s presentations.


Linking with a Triad will help Sherpa Certified Coaches overcome coaching obstacles, perfect their coaching skills, and learn new techniques. This is a great benefit provided to conference delegates at no additional cost.

With its established brand, clearly defined purpose, and research-based coaching process, Sherpa continues to grow and add new clients and coaches. Universities around the country continue to support the Sherpa movement. The wide-reaching executive coaching survey includes 11 years of invaluable data. Sherpa is here to stay!


View the photo galleries with these links:

 EXCO 2016 Event

 EXCO 2016 Reception




Here’s a look back at EXCO 2015, the 10th annual event


Coaching Conference Draws Top Leadership Thinkers


On June 7th, 8th and 9th, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, business leaders and their coaches from around the world gathered for EXCO 2015: The Executive Coaching Conference.


The conference featured an epic book launch from Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker. His keynote unveiled the new best-seller: “Triggers: Becoming the Person You Want to Be.” Goldsmith deliver a keynote, complete with audience interaction, for an hour and forty five minutes, then joined 100 delegates for lunch, mixing and mingling at every table.



Sherpa Guide author Brenda Corbett delivered a career enhancer: ‘Executive Presence and You’, designed to develop charisma, and teach ten qualities of executive presence to others. EJ Johnson of AmeriSource Bergen joined Corbett on stage for the presentation.


From the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Prof. Justin Kennedy presented Selfware: the marriage of neuroscience and executive coaching. Kennedy presented alongside Brenda Corbett and delivered a solo talk.


Sparks fly when strengths meet weaknesses.


Karl Corbett presented exclusive data from his 10th annual Executive Coaching Survey.


In a town hall meeting, he fielded questions on the future of coaching and corporate culture, too.


Author Judith Colemon Kinebrew delivered two presentations on timely topics:


The Dynamics of Stress: how to stay in your comfort zone as you avoid the panic zone.


Change Your Filters: new business behaviors that lead you to a mindful, self-aware state with new habits that create clear communication.

This 10th annual EXCO conference was sponsored by Sherpa Coaching, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attendees made the trek to Cincinnati from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They heard top experts in executive coaching and leadership. Executive coaches address business behavior, a major component of anyone’s success anywhere in the world. As organizations go global, those who develop great leaders need to understand and adjust to multiple cultures. “Coaching in a Global Landscape” was delivered by Katherine Tulpa, founder and CEO of the Association for Coaching, a trade association with members in 50 countries. Tulpa made the trip from London, England to deliver her message to delegates.


The press took notice of the event. In fact, the publisher of Choice Magazine for Coaching, Garry Schleifer, traveled from Canada to report on the proceedings and deliver a new methodology for leadership development called “Rapid Impact Coaching”. Schleifer spent personal time with all the top speakers at EXCO.


The conference serves several purposes. Some attendees were there for continuing education to renew their Sherpa Coaching Certifications. Independent coaches from all over the world shared the conference space with staff coaches from Toyota, Stanley Black & Decker and multiple universities. Business leaders and their coaches were drawn by the Goldsmith keynote, as well as the talks by Corbett, Colemon and Kennedy.


Attendees had a lot to say, leaving notes to thank the organizers in Cincinnati for the quality of the speakers, the quality of the attendees they met and the ‘terrific venue’, the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. International visitors were thrilled about their outing to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game on Cincinnati’s beautiful waterfront.


Organizers are working on bigger plans as the EXCO conference moves into its second decade, with a view to collaborate with similar shows in Europe and elsewhere.


Up to 20 Continuing Coach Education hours for the ICF.


Media contact: Karl Corbett, Managing Partner, Sherpa Coaching, (513) 232-0002 (USA), kc at

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