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The world's longest-running event for executive coaches.
Where the world's greatest coaches get together.




Executive Coaching Week for 2013 was full of activity: conferences, seminars, awards ceremonies and a gathering of outstanding executive coaches from around the world.

The centerpiece for Executive Coaching Week was the eighth annual Executive Coaching Conference, which saw record attendance once again, with attendees from around the globe.

The conference, held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, overlooking Cincinnati and the Ohio River, focused on continuing education and the state of the industry in Europe, Africa and Australia.  

Monday morning began with Alex Marquez onstage for an interview concerning coaching across cultures and the impact on business that executive coaching has had in Mexico.

Breakout sessions, led by Brenda Corbett and Judy Colemon focused on practical and proven ways that coaches can guarantee success at the beginning, middle, and ending segments of a coaching engagement.

Monday afternoon’s general session featured a presentation by Canadian coach Natalie Taylor from the Association of Neighborhood Houses in Vancouver, sharing the unique challenges and opportunities involved with executive coaching for non-profit executives.

It wasn’t all business, however. Coaches from five countries attended a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. The Reds marked a win in front of a full house, ending the evening with a dazzling fireworks display. North American delegates had extra fun as they explained the game to cricket fans from Australia and South Africa. 



Tuesday began with an interview with Kaye Kurth of the Institute for Learning Practitioners in Brisbane, Australia. The interview, hosted by Karl Corbett, broke down the current culture of coaching in Australia, and offered a glimpse at the future of coaching there with Sherpa Coaching.

Following that, Millie Marshall, the Senior Vice President at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia gave a presentation on the history of coaching at Toyota, and the methods of fostering a coaching-conducive atmosphere at an international corporation.



After another round of breakouts, the general session gathered for a deeper look at Why It Matters, the keystone of the Sherpa Process. Brenda Corbett and Judy Colemon dissected and explained the method for attaining a client’s Why It Matters.



The closing ceremonies were a short, sweet affair, wishing safe travels and hopes to see everyone at the ninth annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Conference. Dates to reserve: June 1-3, 2014 a part of Executive Coaching Week celebrations that draw all the people you’d really want to spend time with.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA.