Executive Coaching – 3 Keys to Being a Hero… It’s Possible (1 of 4)

3 Keys to being a Hero in the Workplace… It’s Possible

An Italian cruise ships runs up on a reef. Heavy damage. People missing. People dead.

There is a leadership story behind the headlines, one I’d like to share with you.

Two men in charge. The two men handle this situation in completely different ways.

Italy has a new hero and a new villain.

The hero is Coast Guard Captain Gregorio De Falco.  De Falco is a quiet guy who doesn’t like confrontation.  He doesn’t have ‘rock star’ good looks. He does have character.  When he noticed the captain leaving on a lifeboat, he stopped him and turned him back.

The villain is good-looking, he’s confident and he’s quite likeable. He is also in jail. He will be for a long time. Captain Francesco Schettino caused the disaster when he turned off the ‘auto-pilot’ on a huge passenger ship and cruised too close to shore, showing off for a colleague. Later, he jumped ship, in violation of every captain’s code of ethics.

Handling an emergency. It’s a true test of leadership.  What would you do?  Who would you be?  The hero, stepping up to confront a problem, or the debonair captain hiding under the blanket, escaping the scene in a lifeboat?

How often do you have an opportunity, in the working world, to be a villain or a hero?  So often, I can’t even tell you.

Your people need to know you will be there when they need you.  To be there, to step up, to be the hero, you must understand three things:group-teamwork

  • People don’t have to think like you do to be successful.
  • People have to know you have their backs.
  • People understand that your words are truth.

I’ll cover each one of these in the next blogs… Stay tuned.

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