5 Reasons Knowing Your ‘Why It Matters’ Matters

Why your Why It Matters Matters…

Did you ever ask yourself, why did I do that?   How come I reacted that way?  What made me say that…these questions are answered when you find your Why It Matters.  To begin your Why It Matters discovery, you must ask yourself: “Why do I do what I do?” The answer to that question is your Why It Matters. As executive coaches, we have studied the matter of motivation. The motive, the reasons, the thing that drives you has a name: we call it Why It Matters.

Finding your Why It Matters, finding your deepest motives, will take reflection. Folks who have participated in our programs and who have found their personal Why It Matters have deepened their understanding of themselves and have become more aware of those around them.

 5 Reasons to Know your Why It Matters:


1. Labeling

Once you can label your strengths, weaknesses, motivators, etc. and put all those into a phrase, you have now found your own personal Why It Matters. It no longer possesses control over you. You have more control over your actions and behaviors because you have labelled and named your Why It Matters. You have defined what truly summarizes your motivation in life.



2. Metacognition

Our definition of Metacognition is “an awareness or analysis of one’s own learning or thinking processes”. It literally means to think about your own thinking. There is a lot of power in knowing how you think. To fully change your behaviors, you must pause and reflect on your thoughts before taking action. It takes courage to step outside of yourself and evaluate your behaviors and actions. Using metacognition, concerning knowing your Why It Matters, provides you with an opportunity to pause and reflect before taking action. You can now act reflectivity.


3. The Epiphany

The Epiphany in finding your Why It Matters is that A-Ha moment when all your life becomes fully focused by looking back and your world begins to make sense.  All the dots in your life connect. You realize you cannot continue living your life the way you have been living it because you know something you never knew before.   This is because you have the realization that your Why It Matters has guided every one of your decisions, behaviors and actions for as long as you remember. This is a powerful realization. Your life will not be the same once you have your Why It Matters epiphany.


4. Awareness

Knowing your Why It Matters provides an awareness and ownership that you did not have before. When you have the awareness of what you are doing and more importantly the reason behind your actions, you will be more effective.  Becoming aware of your Why It Matters can strengthen all relationships.  When you become aware of how you are showing up in the workplace, you can learn to react and respond using your Why It Matters as your strength.



5. A Solution to your Triggers – Things That Push Your Buttons

You know that things bother you.  You know who bothers you.  What if you understood how to avoid those bad vibes and change them into situations you can handle and manage?  That is what will happen when you know your Why It Matters.  You will have a higher sense of awareness when people and things ‘push your buttons’.  When you allow your buttons to be pushed, that is a direct result of your Why It Matters.  Finding your Why It Matters will help you regain your peace and centeredness.  This stops you from reacting and guides you into appropriate ways to respond.


These five reasons will create a better understanding of your identity. These are the fundamental pillars of why knowing your Why It Matters is so important to grow to be the best individual and leader that you can be.

You can purchase the Why It Matters book by clicking here. This book will help you to discover your Why It Matters (that which is the basis for every action that you take). Authors Brenda Corbett and Jennifer Chloupek guide you through your life’s story to help form your personal thesis statement, your Why It Matters. If you have ever wondered why something gives you contentment or fills you with resentment, finding your Why It Matters will help you understand why you do the things you do.

Whether you are a pro at finding people’s Why It Matters or if this article has sparked your interest to learning more–know that having access to someone who can assist you in finding your Why It Matters can be life-changing.

Please reach out to info@sherpacoaching.com if you would like us to guide you through the process of finding your Why It Matters.

































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