A Case For Coaching

Does executive coaching actually work? How can we tell? There isn’t really any direct way to translate the benefits of coaching into dollar values. Calculating return on investment, for example, includes subjectivity and guesswork.  The research conducted by Sherpa Coaching since 2005 gives us methods and data based in fact.

Anecdotal evidence can identify benefits but can’t measure them. We need to assess the overall corporate culture of an organization to get an accurate idea of how well coaching is working. Sherpa has developed and tested a system called the Corporate Culture Index that ranks different aspects on a scale from 1 to 100. This widely-publicized framework, based on years of research data, allows us to compare organizations that use coaching to those that don’t.

Let’s take a closer look at several dimensions of corporate culture. Do organizations with ‘coaching skills’ training have a better culture? It’s not even close. Organizations with established coaching skills training programs outscore those that don’t 68.6 to 28.1. That’s more than double.

Similarly, organizations with established team coaching programs beat those that don’t by a score of 77.1 to 34.2. Another huge difference!

Is business behavior part of daily discussion? On this question, organizations that use coaching, score three times higher than those that don’t. How about cooperation across department lines? On this dimension of corporate culture, organizations using coaching score twice as high as those that don’t.

The differences are remarkable. It’s clear that effective use of coaching creates a significantly better corporate culture. People cooperate and communicate more. Leadership teams work together. Creativity, talent, and problem solving thrive.

Based on this information and years of data we can conclusively say: The return on a coaching investment is not measurable, but it’s huge. The benefits of executive coaching, as reflected in corporate culture, are profound.

The Corporate Culture Survey is published by Sherpa Coaching in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The latest report can be downloaded from the ‘Resources’ section at www.sherpacoaching.com.


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