A Day in the Life of a Micromanager (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2

Women in business have to prove it or show they know what they’re talking about. This unfortunately is one way they show it. With these facts in mind and knowing what she learned from Sherpa Coaching, Marian decided to spend an entire Wednesday meeting being quiet. All she was going to do was listen. She planned to write notes every time she wanted to say something. The first time she did it, she made it about two hours, second time 4 hours, third time 6 hours and the fifth time she made it all day.

Here were some of her takeaways/learnings:

  1. She found that they had wonderful ideas. She never believed they knew all that they did.
  2. When she listened she found people who never spoke were speaking up.
  3. Sometimes decisions were very difficult for her team and she would watch them and she would not say a word.  Sometimes she couldn’t help herself and she would end up helping them decide. But what really came out of it was that she taught them decision-making process and that really helped them decide on their own.  (Link to decision-making process online or article- see new exercises/coaching folder).
  4. She could not believe how much time she gained after the first meeting. People were starting to make decisions and choose how they should do something on their own.



It was beautiful for Marian. Although Marian may continue to struggle with getting into the details, she overcame personal obstacles and is a better director.  This was such an eye-opening experience for her.  She has slowed down her micromanaging to a point that one of her staff said:   “Thanks for trusting me with this decision, Marian”. 


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