This is ‘base camp’ for an integrated suite of leadership programs designed by the world’s leading educators in executive coaching.


  • Leaders in the fields of training, development and executive education can now take advantage of years of research to enhance their own leadership development efforts.
  • Coaching program managers can learn, master and deliver SLI programs as part of a sustainable coaching effort.
  • Independent coaching providers have a new array of coaching-based resources to expand their range and their service menu.


There’s more to executive coaching than working one-on-one. Leaders and teams have mountains to climb, too. Business relationships can benefit from a coaching intervention.


After six years of research on leadership and coaching, and requests from clients in every possible working environment, Sherpa Coach has crystallized what teams, leaders and organizations need.


There are twenty-five ways that an executive coaching firm can help produce better business behavior and better results. Those programs have become the Sherpa Leadership Institute (SLI).


SLI programs are designed for delivery by a Certified Sherpa Coach, already trained in the tools, techniques and philosophy behind SLI. Other executive coaches, especially those who apply the Sherpa process without formal training, can also use the concepts and content that make up SLI.

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