Your go-to Executive Coaching Blog is Back!

Your go-to Executive Coaching Blog is Back!

Our Blog is Back!

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

At Sherpa Coaching, we are excited to announce the reintroduction of our monthly blog.  Our intent is to communicate relevant information to engage leaders, coaches, and individuals seeking to improve their work life into a path of optimal advancement.  When this occurs, there is an overflow into all aspects of life.

Sherpa Coaching is committed to your success and to your future. We plan on doing this by effectively communicating tools and resources for your betterment via this blog and webinars.

We look forward to you reading future posts.  Each monthly post will address a different topic within our spectrum of insight, and we look forward to your engagement with us.

Our next webinar will be hosted by author and educator, Judy Colemon-Kinebrew, on Wednesday, September 4th from 1:00-1:30 EDT. The topic will be: “The Art of Asking Great Questions“.

Check out our previous webinars:

SHERPA Acronym with Brenda Corbett:

Co-author and founder, Brenda Corbett will lead you through the SHERPA acronym to help you understand what you need to look at to be a fully self-aware individual. This acronym is focused on 6 key behaviors that validate your personal executive presence.

In vs. On the Business with Brenda Corbett: 

Author/Educator, Brenda Corbett discusses the practice of being IN vs ON the business and what this means for you.


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Stay tuned for next month’s blog! Our focus will be on Why it Matters and the importance of finding yours.


We would love to see your comments/feedback/questions posted below. Our vision is to truly make this blog an engaging and valuable place for shared conversation.

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