Changing the Way I Think: A Testimonial

From a recent delegate to a Sherpa Women’s Leadership Program

I lead the customer service teams here in the US. One of the most important things I discovered during the Women’s Leadership Program is my ‘Why It Matters.’ My ‘Why It Matters’ is “to please.” I’ve worked in customer service nearly my entire career, so understanding my ‘Why It Matters’ really helped me put things in perspective.

My inner monologue has changed when dealing with things that make me strugglbook-whye. The coaching process has helped me change the way I think, which has led to changes in behavior. I’m learning to say “no” more often, to be more direct in my communication. This also includes taking more time for me. I had to learn to not feel guilty about taking the time I needed for myself. I had a hard time realizing that I don’t ‘own everything,’ so to speak. It’s not all on me. When someone brings a problem to me, I’m learning how to ask the right questions, how to communicate with them, so that they can reach their own conclusions and answers.

The best advice I can give is to be open during the process. Be open to everything the program can do for you. It’s good if you feel uncomfortable. It’s good if it seems really hard at first. Doing the necessary hard work will make your personal and professional life easier and more enjoyable. I absolutely loved working with all of the super smart women in the program and I’m excited for it to expand!

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