Since 2005, the Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification has been among the top-rated executive education programs at major universities. You can’t find a more credible, life-changing program, or a better way to add genuine value to your career.

From two Certified Sherpa Coaches, University of Georgia:


“It is rare to find a person and course that can touch the very essence of the students as they travel the journey. Brenda Corbett is a deeply committed teacher. She had the total respect and attention of every one of us. We left the course as changed people. What an amazing experience.”


~ Ann Chinnis, M.D., Virginia Beach


“Brenda did an excellent job, the best I have even seen in an instructional session.”

~ Lee Fogle, CEO, Duke University Federal Credit Union



From a veteran Certified Sherpa Coach, asked about the program:


Speaking from personal experience, when I launched Next Level Executive Coaching, I wanted two things from a credential/certification stand-point:


1. Process-driven Coaching
2. Credibility


This drove my decision to pursue certification through Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, and their Sherpa Coaching program.


I have not been disappointed. It became the foundation of my practice, allowing me to hit the ground running. The university-based program added marketing clout as I built my client base and my own testimonials.


As the industry becomes more competitive and businesses/individuals add “executive coach” to their list of professional services, I believe “recognized certification” will be a competitive advantage.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to engage in additional conversation.


~ Steve Laswell, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA



From a coach who took a different program:


I am so excited to have found the Sherpa Guide!


I am a certified coach from The Coaches Training Institute . . . I have been completely ‘stuck’ with great coaching skills and essentially no real process that I could effectively talk about with prospective clients… challenging my ability to truly market. My audience needs a more directive approach with tangible results.


One HUGE Thank You. The last few weeks, I’ve exhausted the internet & colleagues looking for an ‘Executive Coaching Process’. Amazing there are all these coaching schools, and no real process-driven solutions. I am dumbfounded at this fact, and at the same time delighted that found you at Sherpa Coaching… ( This coach has plans to take the next available Sherpa class.)



Recent attendee quotes:


From a Sherpa Coaching graduate at Texas Christian University:


“I recently went through a year-long executive leadership program, including a four-day Outward Bound trek, a week-long Leaders’ Lab and access to an executive coach. I saw significant personal growth and professional development.

Week one of Sherpa certification was just as powerful and significant for me. I gained greater personal awareness and associated growth through this training and through the Sherpa process.”



From a Sherpa Coaching graduate at Penn State:


“Brenda and Judy are knowledgeable and passionate instructors who have an awesome team chemistry. They are very powerful in the classroom, and did an excellent job of sharing their coaching experiences to make the material really come alive. It was a great learning week.”



From a Sherpa Coaching graduate at the University of Georgia:


“You have changed my life in so many ways, some totally unintended. I use the insight and tools to lead, to teamwork and to follow others more effectively. I have not eliminated my weaknesses but my awareness of them and my openness in accepting them inspires my team to follow me.


The best way to summarize it is that Sherpa has given me an unfair advantage over my competitors and colleagues and I love it!”

Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Student Evaluations and Comments


Compiled and provided by Penn State Executive Programs


The faculty leader’s method of presentation: 96/100
Value of the material presented: 94/100
Faculty leaders’ preparation and depth of knowledge: 98/100

Student Comments


  • Excellent pacing and presentation. Instructors really know the subject matter and taught it well.
  • The Sherpa process is a real ‘gem’ in the field of coaching, a credible and manageable process that can have immediate impact on any organization. This certification will provide me with the skills and confidence to position coaching as a solid business strategy with profound impact. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • The list of coaching attributes was dead-on and the coaching tips were useful. Some items were traditional coaching skills and tips, but the facilitators brought new perspective and more depth. The core questions and self assessments were very beneficial.
  • Very thorough and valuable info.
  • The class was terrific! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Brenda and Judy really demonstrated their coaching expertise. Penn State was also outstanding: the accommodations, communications, the overall Executive Program experience was top notch. Looking forward to April.
  • Intense session! It made me grow as person and a coach. It was mentally, even physically challenging.

The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Student Responses & Comments


Was participation in this program a worthwhile investment of your time?

  • 100% said ‘YES’!


Describe the program leader’s effectiveness.


  • Coached their way through the material rather than instructing. It was PERFECT!
  • Program was well delivered. Brilliant emphasis at times.
  • Knowledgeable instructors. Their skills were outstanding!
  • Command tremendous respect with their grasp of the process and materials.
  • Author / teachers were extremely knowledgeable, expressive, in a fun & friendly format.
  • It was excellent. They will improve, but I don’t know how.


What was the greatest benefit you gained by participating in this program?


  • Confidence in my ability to actually coach rather than consult.
  • Personally, I gained a new direction to take my life in.
  • My perception and definition of coaching is completely different.
  • Excellent materials and information and a step-by-step process with proven success.
  • Learned a whole new skill set.
  • Made me understand my own strengths and weaknesses better.
  • This program made me more aware of my skills as a coach: 96 /100
  • Challenged my abilities as a coach: 98 /100
  • Provided valuable tools and techniques that strengthen my ability to coach: 95 /100
  • I will be able to use much of what I learned to improve my coaching: 92 /100
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