Read what executives and managers say after attending Coaching Skills for High Performance.

Sherpa Coaching Skills Testimonials


“Certainly better than other courses I’ve attended. Outstanding, in fact. It will help me improve professionally and personally.”
– University of Georgia attendee


“This was an excellent course! It is relevant for anyone in a business environment who manages people or is an individual contributor in a team. Our Sherpa instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable.”
– Miami University attendee


“The best training on coaching that I have ever received. I wanted another day!”
– Penn State attendee


“Our instructor made this easy to understand. I saw major personal breakthroughs in my growth as a leader.”
– University of Georgia attendee

Class Evaluations


Class evaluations from a recent Coaching Skills for High Performance were out of the park: average scores of 100 % for all these questions:


  • The instructor was well-prepared.
  • The instructor provided relevant learning.
  • The instructor demonstrated subject expertise.
  • The instructor used the class time well.
  • The instructor stimulated class discussion.
  • The instructor provided feedback to the students.
  • The content was challenging and interesting.
  • I am pleased, overall, with the instructor.


Class ratings supplied by the University of Georgia.

Comments from programs delivered on-site


“I enjoyed the training, not only from the perspective of helping my employees, but also providing me another manager/leader skill that will enhance my career.”


“Judy and was engaging and very good. I wouldn’t mind a 1 on 1 day with her.”


“Great ability to help putting the technologies into practical


“Real class act – well worth the time.”


“You can tell our instructors from Sherpa are passionate about the subject and very knowledgeable. It was great of them both to offer their help and support during breaks and before/after class.”


“Excellent interaction. Well prepared. Great expertise.”


“The program was thought provoking and helped me to understand myself a little better. “

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