Top Performers in your organization want challenges, support and rewards.


The coaching leader knows how to provide all three, unleashing the spirit and energy every emerging star has to offer. Learn how to improve business behavior in this powerful, career-changing program. ‘Coaching Skills’ is available on site or on campus.


Endorsed and offered by Penn State, TCU, Miami, Georgia and other universities.


On site programs arranged directly at favorable pricing. Half-day modules available. Call Karl Corbett at (513) 232-0002 for details.

Develop your leadership skills with the world’s top coaching educators, published authors and experts in the field.


Create the next generation of leadership for your organization with resources you’ll take away from this powerful program, offered on-campus or on-site.


Coaching Skills for High Performance is for:


  • Established executives who are building new layers of leadership.
  • HR, Training and O/D professionals developing “fast track” employees.
  • Managers responsible for team performance.


Coaching Skills for High Performance delivers:


  • A solid curriculum
  • Proven tools and techniques
  • A coaching mindset


Taught by leading authors who share the skills and techniques required to coach personnel to peak performance.

Program Benefits


When leaders deliver clear expectations, engagement and productivity soar. Coaching Skills for High Performance reveals how you’ll make accountability a positive force in the workplace, supporting your succession plan in the process. You’ll learn:


  • A consistent, common way to deliver clear expectations.
  • Proven methods for creating a coaching environment.
  • Effective communication, higher morale at every level.
  • Constructive accountability that makes teams thrive.
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