SelfWare-Sherpa Brings SelfWare Into Focus

Sherpa Coaching Brings SelfWare Into Focus

The next ‘rock stars’ in our society will be neuroscientists. Every day, their research tells us more about how the mind works. Neuroscience is a combination of medicine, science and research that explains human behavior and how it changes. Why are neuroscientists becoming pop stars? Every person on the planet wants to be healthy, happy and successful.  Neuroscience can tell us how health, happiness and success actually work. They are discovering each person’s power to create a personal calling.

Brenda Corbett is a Sherpa Coaching founder and author of several books on business behavior. On the subject of neuroscience, she states:

“It’s medical research, based on incredible new technology. It’s anything but ‘down-to-earth’. What we are learning creates vast new potential for leaders, teams and individuals. We can achieve unprecedented levels of success and productivity. We need to create and deliver neuroscience that meets people where they are. Executives don’t have time to become scientists, but we can teach them what they need to become great leaders.” 





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