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Sheroa Informational Video Series

The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification - Informational Video Series

2-minute videos on six topics of interest: certification, internal and external coaching, trade associations, collaborative groups, resources and research about executive coaching.

[download a Mac viewer for WMV here]

Option One:  Go to the YouTube library of testimonials.


Option Two: View our hosted videos, below.

Video Series 1: Executive Coach Certification (3 videos)

Video 1A: Certification


  • Introduction to Videos 1A, 1B and 1C
  • Executive Coach Education
  • Certificate vs. Certification
  • Sherpa University Curriculum
  • Continuing Education Conference
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Missing Link Part 1

Video 1B: Internal and External Coaching


  • Internal and External Coaching
  • Why Internal Coaching?
  • Why External Coaching?
  • What Each Kind of Coach Needs
  • How We Support Both Types

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Missing Link Part 2

Video 1C: The Sherpa Coaching Survey


  • What the Survey is Designed To Do
  • Coaching Salary Survey
  • Delivery: Live vs. Phone
  • Invitations to Participate
  • Closing for Video Series 1

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Missing Link Part 3

Video Series 2 - The Landscape of Coaching ( 1 video, with new postings in 2015)

Video 2C: Marshall Goldsmith


  • Marshall Goldsmith Library
  • Resources Available
  • Meeting Marshall
  • Marshall's Book Hits Number One.
  • Speaking Tour
  • Endorsement for Sherpa
  • Closing for Video Series

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Missing Link Part 6

Sherpa Certification Video 1ASherpa Certification Video 1BSherpa Certification Video 1CSherpa Certification Video 2ASherpa Certification Video 2BSherpa Certification Video 2C