Executive Coaching – 3 Keys to Being a Hero… It’s Possible (2 of 4)

3 Keys to being a Hero…. It’s Possible (Part 2 of 4)

People don’t have to think like you do to be successful

I wrote about the cruise ship captain, in a post about heroes and villains.  I promised to share three ways in which you can be a hero. Here’s the first one. It’s a way you have to look at life in order to be a great leader.  Have you ever felt like this?


  • ‘Why can’t everyone just think the way I do?’ 
  • ‘I have the answers to these issues. I know exactly what would be best.’
  • ‘We could do so much more if they were more like me.’



Time after time, I run into leaders that really and truly believe that these statements make sense.

Here is the real truth, friends: You are the only ‘you’ on the planet.  There is no one in the world that thinks exactly the way you do.  I personally would like you to revel in that.  I want you to celebrate the fact that there is only one you.

This means, of course, that no one can possibly think like you.  I really don’t care how much you want them to think like you do.  They don’t and they won’t.

Knowing this truth, how can you move forward as a leader?  Seems too simple, but . . .   I recommend asking questions like this: women-w-team

  • What other ways can we look at this?  What ideas do you have?
  • In looking at this situation, how would you tackle it?  What do you think?
  • What else could we do?  What are the pros and cons of what I just said?


Wow, I could go on and on.  You should embrace the truth about your people. Understand that they think differently than you. Use that to benefit yourself as a leader and your organization.  Trust me, it’s the only way.

Your Sherpa,




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