Executive Coaching – 3 Keys to Being a Hero… It’s Possible (3 of 4)

3 Keys to being a Hero…. It’s Possible (Part 3 of 4)

People want to know that you have their back.

 You saw my post the cruise ship captain, about heroes and villains.  I promised to share three ways in which you can be a hero. Here’s the second one. It’s something great leaders. Good friends do it, as well.

To ‘have someone’s back’ means to protect, to support or to defend them.

  • If I asked the people you work with whether you have their backs, what would they say?
  • If I asked whether you would ‘take a bullet’ for them, would ‘yes ‘be their answer?
  • If you had to support one of your people in front of your boss, would you?


The only way to make sure you have your people’s backs? Ask them.  You could tell me a million times how much you would take a bullet for your team. Talk is cheap, my friend.  What do they say?  If I asked them, would they say you watch their backs?  Do they think you take care of them?

Do you stand tall no matter what happens with your people?  Do you support them even if they make a mistake? When the ship is sinking, do they know you will stand by them, and keep things under control?

‘Having their backs’ means supporting them, no matter what.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

That doesn’t mean you support wrongdoing. It does mean to follow an exact format every time someone needs your protection.selfware-boss-care

  1.  Make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision.
  2. Ask them how they see it.
  3. Ask them to what degree they were involved in the situation.  Get the truth.
  4. Deal with the situation, not the personalities.  Separate the person from the issue
  5. Make sure people know how much you care.


Take a good look at yourself, and make sure people see you as an ally, a source of strength, a protector. That’s how you get to be a hero.


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