Who takes this class?

In equal numbers, established executive coaches, people starting a coaching career and in-house coaches, including staff coaches for Toyota, Duke Energy, US Bank and the National Cancer Institute.

Who leads the class?

Classes are taught by one or both authors of “The Sherpa Guide: Process Driven Executive Coaching.” Either Brenda Corbett, Judith Kinebrew or both will lead each program. The authors also preside over an annual conference for continuing education and recertification.


Marshall Goldsmith, world’s leading executive coach, says: “Corbett and Kinebrew are the next generation of world leaders in coaching.”

Can I review course material before I sign up?

Yes. Classes are based on the book: “The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching”, published by Thomson, a major textbook publisher. The book is available on line at The Sherpa Store and at Amazon.com. Additional resources for registrants include a 300 page student binder. Buy now at the Sherpa Store!

Can I preview the class itself?

Yes, in detail. There is a 15-minute instructor video available here. Video answers to FAQ’s are available here.

Can I take the course online, or by phone?

Live interaction with real experts is an essential part of learning this delicate business. It is impossible to deliver the engaging, interactive training executive coaches need over the phone . . . or in a ‘virtual classroom’. We do more than serve up information in our classes. We coach participants, helping them develop attitudes and behaviors that create success. The first week of the class is always live. The second week can be live (University of Georgia) or online (Howard University).

What do I earn upon successful completion?

This program leads to the Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification, the only program offered by multiple universities. You can start an executive coaching career, add substance to your existing practice or use your skills as an in-house coach.


Sherpa’s reputation comes from years of real-world experience, research, writing and teaching. When you align your career with our reputation, you create credibility that makes a difference. Our reputation helps you build your brand.

What happens after I earn the certification?

Like any top-level business school, Sherpa Coaching and our university partners will give you what you need to become successful. This ultimately depends on your efforts.


Although we do not secure employment or find clients for our graduates, we do offer support for business and program startup.

What are the benefits of taking this class?

Graduates say “It’s life changing.” Student comments are available here.


Certification is becoming increasingly important for executive coaches. There is no more highly regarded program anywhere. In the Sherpa program, you master the industry standard, get your credential at a major university and work with the authors who ‘wrote the book’ on coaching. Leading executive coach Marshall Goldsmith says this: “It’s great to have universities agree on standards for executive coaching.”

Already certified? If you answer 'no' to any of these questions, consider the Sherpa program:

  • Does every prospect know and respect the school where you studied?
  • Were your instructors widely recognized as world leaders in coaching?
  • Did you work from a text produced by a major textbook publisher?
  • Was it a truly life changing experience?
  • Can you offer clients a 100-page bound journal from a major publisher, with tools and assessments tied directly to your coaching process?

Is there a way to attend class for free?

Call a business colleague, and make this arrangement: “I am going to (university name) for a coaching certification. I’d like to send you a bill, and have you pay my tuition in advance. In exchange, I will coach several people at no charge when I graduate.” The client saves a lot of money. The coach attends class at no cost.

What about trade associations, the ICF, ICC, AC, WABC?

Every classroom hour spent in the The Sherpa Coaching certification is accepted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in their portfolio application for certification.


The best training for coaches comes from universities. They independently evaluate and offer the world’s best content. Ours is the only program approved by multiple universities. All nine institutions are highly respected by purchasers of coaching services.


We have chosen not to pay for any additional endorsements. A Sherpa certification is more widely recognized than private schools which pay for trade association endorsements.


ICF, ICC, AC and WABC members are welcome to take our course, as many choose to do. We encourage our graduates to explore membership in a trade association, particularly where there is a strong local chapter.

How do I get ready for class?

Pre-class assignments include a thorough and complete reading of the text, and an online DiSC communication style assessment.

Are meals and lodging included in the cost?

Programs at the University of Georgia are two-week residential programs. Arrangements include hotel and all meals. Commuter discounts are available. Howard University does not package hotel and meals, allowing you to choose your level of accommodation.


All expenses for continuing education and related travel are tax-deductible.

Is on-site training and certification available?

If a university class schedule is not convenient, or if you have a large number of coaches to train, we will provide on-site training and certification for you, as we have for Toyota, Duke Energy and US Bank. To discuss this economical option and related strategies, call Karl Corbett at (513) 232-0002, or email info@sherpacoaching.com.

Do any of your universities accept Veterans Administration benefits?

Yes, Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Participants taking the class at the University of Georgia may use Veterans Administration benefits (Post-911 GI Bill), if applicable.

For additional information regarding certification, click here.

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