Benefits of earning and maintaining the Sherpa Executive Coaching certification:


Once certified, you will always be able to say: ‘I am an executive coach using the Sherpa process. I was trained and certified at (University Name).’ When you remain a part of the movement, you can say a lot more about yourself.


Why get re-certified? Here’s what you get:


  • IDENTITY: Continue using the Sherpa name and logo to promote your career.
    • As the franchise grows, so does the value of the brand.
    • Sherpa is the only process endorsed by multiple universities, nine in all.
    • You’re associated with the best research in the field.
      • 20,000 downloads of our annual market survey each year.
      • Advanced research in leadership and applied neuroscience.
      • People who know about coaching know the Sherpa name.


  • OPPORTUNITY: Advance your career possibilities: CSC’s are eligible to work as a
    • Certified Skills Trainer (CST)
    • Certified Practicum Instructor (CPI) or
    • Certified Sherpa Educator (CSE)


  • INFORMATION: Exclusive access to the world’s best research on coaching.
    • Free custom reports: breakout information from our annual survey, on request.


  • PROMOTION: A free directory listing on the Sherpa website, world’s #1 site related to executive coaching.


  • COMMUNITY: Stay on board with a movement that will grow in strength for years to come.


  • SUPPORT: Informal support from Sherpa HQ.
    • Want to brainstorm about a plan or a promotion? Call us. We’re here for you.
    • Need a quick bit of advice about a client? Call on our experts.

Why should you come to the conference for continuing education and recertification?


  • IMPROVEMENT: Continuing education makes you a better coach:
    • more secure in your job.
    • more prosperous in your business.
    • ICF approved for continuing education hours.


  • INSIGHT: You get new material and insights from the world’s leading educators in coaching.
    • Working with executive contacts: make your coaching more powerful.
    • Client homework: what to do, when to do it.
    • How to wrap up an engagement.
    • The filters that cloud clients’ perceptions.


  • NETWORK: Build a network of top-flight professional peers.
    • Need advice? Help on a project? You can phone a friend.


  • INSPIRATION: The experience is both educational and inspiring.
    • Improve your skills, attitude and enthusiasm about being a coach.


  • MOTIVATION: Have a class reunion in a large and encouraging community.
    • Stay in touch and support the people you studied with.


If I can’t make the conference, what do I get when I certify by filing a log or case study?


  • All the benefits of staying certified, listed above.
  • A free download of audio and video resources.
  • Free download of conference PowerPoint presentations.
  • Commitment and motivation to keep coaching, using the process with mastery.
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