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  • Read what the press has to say about the Sherpa movement.
  • Watch videos on coaching, leadership, coach training and certification.
  • Hear talk radio from coaching's leading authors and educators.
  • Read the Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey, the top research in the industry.


The Sherpa Coaching Survey
Download the world's most-quoted research. It's our goal to further the professionalism of the coaching industry. You'll find complete survey results, updated every year, offered at no charge. Read the report, and draw your own conclusions about the coaching profession.

Talk Radio about the Sherpa Coaching Survey

Streaming Media

Click here for a complete menu of all our video, audio and talk radio.

Click here for press coverage and articles about coaching.

Video - Two-minute meetings

Sherpa Managing Partner Karl Corbett talks about certification, the coaching industry, trade associations, collaborative groups and research in a series of six short videos. (click here)

Talk Radio - audio
Enjoy an indexed audio tour of executive coaching, taken from a Clear Channel interview with Sherpa Guide authors Corbett and Colemon. (click here)

Talk Radio - audio
NPR radio in Chicago talks with Sherpa managing Partner Karl Corbett. This extensive interview is delivered in short, indexed audio clips. Find what you need, fast. (click here)

Marshall Goldsmith

Top 10 things you need to know about Sherpa Coaching
Share our philosophy, and read what Marshall Goldsmith, the world's top executive coach, says about the Sherpa movement. How does coaching work? How long does it take? Can it guarantee results? Find out now in this mini-tour of the Sherpa movement.