“The Sherpa mountain guide is a great role model for coaches: a wise, humble facilitator who gets people to the summit.”

- Marshall Goldsmith, World’s Leading Executive Coach

bookThe Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching


This book defines the industry, and guides countless careers.  Text for certifications at Howard University, the University of Georgia and seven other executive education programs, since 2005.



The Industry Standard


Nine universities have endorsed ‘The Sherpa Guide’, and offered an executive coaching certification taught by the authors. That degree of support tells you. . . this book is the industry standard, the ‘operating system’ for executive coaching. ‘The Sherpa Guide’ has been a text for coach training at Toyota and US Bank. Want to enhance your coaching career, or start a new one? This book is the only rational / technical framework available for the executive coaching profession.


Years back, Hollywood’s elite started hiring personal trainers, and created a fitness industry that’s still booming. Today, executive coaches work on the ‘professional fitness’ of business leaders. Those who do it well are richly rewarded. This book can be a rewarding experience for readers: coaches, consultants, training, development and HR specialists . . . in fact, anyone interested in leadership development and performance improvement.


This book is written for those who want to learn executive coaching, a field that’s growing rapidly.


The Sherpa Guide is a professional self-improvement book that creates the only rational / technical foundation available for the coaching profession. The Sherpa Guide is precise and it’s process-driven.

The Sherpa Guide


This university text sets the standard for ‘how to coach’ books, and for the field of coaching itself. This is a book packed with ‘actionable items’ – tips, tricks and techniques for the coach to use with their client, and for managers and executives to use with their people. ‘The Sherpa Guide’ is designed to lead the reader to success.


Written for a rapidly growing market, The Sherpa Guide offers readers a clear path to a rewarding career. It clears up the confusion on what coaching should be, and defines a process for making it happen. ‘The Sherpa Guide’ shares the authors’ coaching system using dozens of case studies called ‘Stories From The Summit’.


It’s been tested and proven over years of daily use. It works, and people’s lives have been changed. This book offers a ‘gold standard’ for coaches, both internal and external.

Target Audience


1. Any Professional Looking for a New Career

(Consultants and HR practitioners in particular)


2. HR Professionals

Employees who are used as trainers, staff developers and ‘internal coaches.


3. Consultants

Those who want to add a lucrative service offering: executive coaching


4. Current Coaches

Those operating without a detailed process that produces consistent results.



The Sherpa Definition of executive coaching was adopted by the European Foundation for Management Development in 2007. Here’s the definition, and the questions it answers:

“A regular, one-on-one meeting


with a trained facilitator,


to produce positive changes


in business behavior


in a fixed time frame.”

What it is, and how we do it.


Who provides the service?


What’s the goal?


Where’s success measured?


How long does it take?

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