Importance of a Coaching Network: A Testimonial

From a recent delegate of a Sherpa Women’s Leadership Program:

My name is Jill, I serve as director of global marketing for a major company and I really took a lot away from the Women’s Leadership Program. For me, my ‘Why It Matters’ is to be free. That means freedom in an entrepreneurial sense, freedom to make decisions and go about my business.

I’ve noticed several changes since participating in the Women’s Leadership Program. I’m asking much better questions, especially of my staff, co-workers, and peers. Asking better questions contributes to an environment where I don’t have to ‘own everything.’ Havbook-whying a great coach and wonderful network of professional women has helped me ‘let go’ of some things that I used to struggle with.

The best advice I can give is to really lean on that network. The coaches and other professionals I worked with have become my support network. I would encourage everyone to really expand their network. Take all the opportunities you can. Share with each other and share with your coach. I found it very helpful to discuss my career development in general, but I had not expected to talk about real organizational strategy with peers. It was great to discuss so many big pictures challenges with the team.




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