Lessons From an Intimidator (Part 2 of 4)

Part 2

Now, Rachel excelled at her job. She was committed to results. Rachel was also committed to her people, and she was committed to getting them to the next level. Based on first impressions, nobody knew that.

Rachel had a particular style of intimidation: intimidation by passion. She really cared, but she did not express it properly. She hired me on as an executive coach, working on better business behavior. Here is what I told Rachel: “You are packed with passion about your job. You love it and you are good at it. You truly believe. You are enthusiastic, energetic . . .   and you are usually right.

Sometimes passion does not come out the way you want it to. It becomes a negative. That passion makes people worry that they are not good enough, they do not work hard enough, they are somehow inadequate.

If you act passionate around people who do not understand you, it is intimidating. Do not suppress your passion. Redirect it. We want to make sure your passion is appropriately expressed, and understood by all involved.”

There is something beautiful about Rachel’s commitment. By improving the way she came across to people, she was able to get her message across. People started to listen to her …  and to respect her rather than fear her. Rachel is now a great leader. She’s having a great time and seeing great success.


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