Lessons From an Intimidator (Part 3 of 4)

Part 3

The other thing we worked on was the way Rachel expressed her opinions. She had trouble understanding that her opinion was not necessarily the truth.  Here is an example of what we discussed.

Rachel: “I can’t believe how my people are always doing exceptional PowerPoints, but never executing the work in the PowerPoints. Why can’t they execute instead of just drawing pretty pictures?  on a PowerPoint. Up until now, they have been led by fools.”

Me, as Rachel’s coach: “Rachel, from that set of words, from what you just told me, how much of it is your opinion?”

Rachel: “None of it is my opinion. All of it is truth. All of it is fact.”

Me, the coach: “When you say their leaders were fools, that is your opinion. You have a message to deliver. How do you leave out your opinion, and give people something they can act upon? What do you really need to tell your people?

Conclusion tomorrow…..


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