Lessons From an Intimidator (Part 4 of 4)

Part 4

Clearly, opinions ruled her life. Rachel had an opinion about everything. She eventually realized she did not need to share her opinion to get her message across. Once she realized that her opinions did not add to the conversation, a number of things happened. She started to listen more carefully. She started to realize that her opinions stopped people in their tracks. Her opinions left everyone in the dirt. The way she broadcast her opinions caused her the most trouble in her leadership journey.

Through coaching, Rachel managed to earn people’s respect. They started offering their opinions, and she learned from them. Because there was ‘give and take’, she listened to her people and they listened to her. This helped build their work ethic.  Her team got better results.

Think about your leadership. Do you share too many opinions? Do your opinions create value, or do they destroy peoples’ spirit? If that is the case, learn to hold back. Set up some filters to improve the way you lead. You will love the results… all the way to the bottom line.


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