Jenn Chloupek is a glass half full marathon runner, leadership coach, and author. She is a lifelong teacher dedicated to building connections between individuals and collectives, in personal and professional settings. Jenn is a Master Sherpa Coach and is also a perfect fit for Sherpa as our Chief Learning Officer.


Her expertise in business development and organizational growth shows a proven track record of group and executive coaching; workshop and orientation facilitation; human capital, workforce, and succession planning; with an overarching goal of remedying individual career limiting behaviors so that every client can reach beyond their personal goals.


Chloupek offers executive coaching, group coaching, keynotes, workshops, leadership development and team building to provide organizations with strategic behavior alignment by bringing their values, intentions and behaviors into sync. As a master trainer, facilitator, and coach her focus is to provide results in lasting behavioral change and strategic action.


Chloupek works with organizations as an expert in leadership development, team/group development, coaching, accountability, communications, conflict resolution, and strategic design.



• Master Sherpa Coach, University of Georgia 2013

• Certified Skills Trainer, 2013

• Sherpa Leadership Facilitator, 2015



• Scottsdale, Arizona, USA



• Trainer specializing in Leadership and Organizational Development.

• Helps people connect to themselves, knowledge, and others.

• Over 20 years’ experience as an educator, facilitator, strategic planner, coach, mentor, and leader in the public and private sector.

• Master’s Degree in Education, served as adjunct faculty for Towson University


Professional Experience:

• ‘Why It Matters’ book, co-author. Jenn believes that discovering your Why It Matters not only can change your life, it can be a catalyst for achieving maximum professional results.

• Vital Smarts Trainer: Change Anything and Crucial Conversations.

• Currently at the National Cancer Institute overseeing and implementing all aspects of NCI’s Leadership Programs.)



• Chloupek lives in Arizona, USA with her husband Larry. Jenn is a health conscious athlete, dedicated to helping people discover and become their best selves.

• Discovering her ‘Why It Matters’ has been life changing for her and she is passionate about helping others discover their ‘Why It Matters’.

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