Karl Corbett is Managing Partner of Sherpa Coaching in Cincinnati.


He handles strategy, marketing and client relations for the Sherpa Executive Coaching Certifications at Howard University and the University of Georgia. He was contributing editor for “The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching”, published by Thomson in 2005.


Karl Corbett leads the annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey, the largest and longest-running survey on executive coaching.


He has also been President of Sasha Corporation since he founded the firm in 1984, developing the Employment Dynamics process for HR systems design, and “Showtime” customer service training, gaining press all the way to Newsweek Japan. He’s consulted and taught across the US and in South Africa, at the highest levels of industry and government.


Mr. Corbett holds a degree in Management Information Sciences from the University of Kentucky, earned in 1974.


Significant Research:

• Conducts the annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey, the longest running study in the industry, started in 2005.


Professional Experience:

• CEO, Founder, Sasha Corporation, 1984

• Managing Partner, Sherpa Coaching.


Personal Data:

• Karl and his wife Brenda have three children, all of whom finished college in 2009.



Karl Corbett
513 . 232 . 0002

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