The Results-Driven Leader & Ambidexterity

Executive Presence: Results 

Results Tool: Ambidexterity 

Results-oriented leaders know their people and set clear expectations. They also create measurable outcomes so progress can be monitored and measured. Results-oriented leaders set specific goals that work to create desired outcomes, including stretch goals that challenge their teams to learn, innovate and grow.

Results-oriented leaders assume responsibility for the timeliness and quality of their work and their team’s work. They also communicate with their teams to avoid wasting time on activities that don’t drive results. Leaders help their teams identify what is getting in the way of achieving results and remove the barriers.

There is a lot involved with getting results. What does producing results mean for you? Being results-oriented means you are driven and full of purpose, determined to succeed. You make things happen. You know what is important and focus people and resources accordingly. You appreciate and welcome “bottom line” measurements. You know what needs to be done to get to the finish line.

Results-oriented leaders treat their organization as if it is their own and achieve results in a way that is respectful of their team. They keep both the task and the people primary.

Results-oriented people can be seen:
o Getting the job done, with a fearless approach to work.
o Making the tasks central to the work.
o Understanding the big picture and the financials.
o Knowing what the best results look like and helping the team achieve them by setting clear expectations and holding people accountable to deliver results.
o Embracing change, making their numbers, meeting their deadlines and creating innovation.
o Accomplishing results with a spirit of discovery and innovation, along with a practical focus on delivery of resources that get things done: ambidexterity.
o Growing people in the process of getting things done.

Do you or anyone you know possess these characteristics?

Leaders fail at producing results when they lack vision, strategy, tactics or relational savvy.

Here’s one of our tools that will help you strengthen your ability to create results in each of these areas.

Ambidexterity is synonymous with agility, quickness, readiness, alertness and coordination. Ambidextrous leaders are able to apply learning, technology, strategy and organizational design in ways that produce desired results.

Ambidexterity in leadership has two central themes: Delivery and Discovery.

Ambidexterity is the ability to go about day-to-day operations to deliver results, while simultaneously taking risks and exploring opportunities to discover future strategies and tactics, without damaging the business. Being results-oriented means understanding how to promote both delivery and discovery while implementing business vision, strategy and tactics and maintaining healthy relationships.

Here is a list of the qualities and activities involved in Delivery and Discovery.

Delivery – The act of:

o Refining processes

o Making good decisions

o Maximizing production

o Increasing efficiency

o Selecting appropriate resources

o Implementing plans, strategy and tactics

DiscoveryThe process of:

o Taking risks

o Experimenting

o Being flexible

o Innovating

o Creating future opportunities

o Developing a forward-looking, creative vision

As you can see from the continuum, Delivery and Discovery are at opposite ends of the spectrum, with delivery being focused on task and discovery focused on transformation.

The need for trust, teamwork and timeliness falls in the middle, between the two aspects of results. They are necessary whether you are delivering or discovering.

Ambidexterity means moving back and forth across the continuum to create on-time and innovative results.

Ask yourself: Examining this continuum, how can you improve upon trust, teamwork and timeliness in your own personal daily leadership abilities? Take time to reflect and respond.


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