SelfWare-Body Language and IOB (Part 1 of 4)

Body Language and Impact on Business (Part 1 of 4)

Meet Daniellewoman-serious

Danielle has been the deputy commissioner at a government health care agency for 20 years.  She has the respect and trust of everyone around her. Her employees have just one grievance, though. They can’t read her on an emotional level. Her facial expression never, and I mean never, changes. She crosses her arms, avoids eye contact, and maintains a cold stare. No one would ever mistake Danielle for a pushover, that’s for sure. But her cold, disengaged body language goes too far – people just can’t understand her. They can’t read her. Without realizing what she’s doing, Danielle is sending some major signals. She isn’t even aware that she appears standoffish.

Maybe you know someone like Danielle. People like this are often surprised to hear from colleagues, “you’re inconsiderate” or “you’re not paying attention.” Some people might even interpret a lack of engaging body language as an attack or an insult. That’s what’s happening with Danielle. She comes across as rude and disinterested without even realizing it.

What happens when she sends these mixed signals? How do people respond to Danielle’s energy? How do they react in her presence? What’s going on in her brain during these conversations and how can she change it?



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