SelfWare-Crisis – Are You Addicted? (Part 1)

Crisis – Are You Addicted?

Part 1 – The Fireman Phenomenon

Do you know anyone who “turns everything into a crisis?” It may sound counterintuitive, but crises (and solving them) can actually become addictive. Especially when they’re in a position of leadership, people can actually get “hooked” on crisis! Let’s look at some aspects of neuroscience behind this problematic behavior.

Having a crisis isn’t typically considered a good thing. But solving a crisis feels really good! Fixing an emergency earns you a big pat on the back. You get lots of thumbs up pointed in your direction.

Maybe this is you. Or maybe you know someone like this, someone who thrives on crisis. Think of it as ‘The Fireman Phenomenon.’ Firemen are heroes! When you’re running around solving crises in the office, you’re a workplace fireman. You’re putting out fires all over the place. It feels good to be the hero!

When you face a crisis you get an adrenaline rush. It pumps you up. Some people love that feeling! It’s kind of like bungee jumping – it’s not for everyone. But some people love the huge dose of hormones – the rush – they get from jumping off a bridge. It hits their brain quickly like a drug.

How does this Fireman Phenomenon play out in the workplace? What impact does it have on business?




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