SelfWare-What is SelfWare?

What is SelfWare?

Most of us have a bad habit or two. We also probably have a few behaviors and skills that need some improvement. Everyone does. Fortunately, bad habits can change. Problem behaviors can be improved. It takes hard work, but understanding some basic science makes that work more manageable. Learning a little bit about how your brain works makes it easier to work your brain.

Many problem behaviors come from our basic reactions to stress and fear. These are primitive emotions and reactions to them. They’re instinctual and come in very handy in nature. It’s a pretty good instinct to run away or hide from danger. But these instincts don’t always fit in the business world.

Our primitive brain tells us to run, fight, or hide when we feel fear. It stresses us out, over-taxes our brains, and uses a lot of energy. This combination of factors leads to problematic business behaviors. We can’t think logically when we’re stuck reacting emotionally. We can’t use our high-level reasoning. We can’t be creative problem solvers when our brains are stressed and overburdened.

What we want is to use rational, logical thinking. We need to be able to switch off the emotional reactions and switch on the rational thinking. Fortunately, we can rewire our brains. We can train them to do what we want.

It all starts with raising awareness. The more you become aware of these constant reactions in your own brain, the more you can control them. Using effective tools, training, and practice is also key. Applying process driven techniques allows us to train our brains to replace the old habits with new ones. We can change our weaknesses into strengths. With the concept of SelfWare we can change problem business behaviors into effective business habits.



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