The Women in Leadership Program (WLP)

Women in Leadership: The Delegate Experience

In the Women’s Leadership Summit, delegates learn:


Women in leadership can and should offer tangible ‘Impact on Business’ IOB™ while staying in touch with their roots. This program will provide women with the opportunity to become the best possible business leaders and executives. Working personally with a leading author and executive educator, delegates master the art of staying true to self while developing powerful leadership skills in an ever-changing business environment.



Personal Inventory

How to create a positive Impact On Business (IOB)


Communication Assessment

How to say exactly the right thing at the right time.


Work Styles: What message are you sending?

Learning about yourself and your people’s communication needs.
How to communicate to your team and how they need to communicate with you.


Team Analysis: A customized work style report for each delegate’s team.

An action plan to improve communication and accountability.



How does Leadership apply to you?
Where are you in your leadership climb?
Creating Your Personal Ground Rules.
What do you personally have to work on to be the best possible leader?


Sherpa Mind Map: Phase 1


Who is that Woman in the Mirror? Self-Discovery


Why it Matters:

Your motivation… how to harness and control what drives you.
Your team’s motivation… how to tap into hidden reservoirs of brilliance and cooperation.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Setting Expectations, the Sherpa Way


Executive Presence: Transparency, Poise and Acumen (plus 7 additional traits).


Surrounded by Support:
Understanding who is on your Support Mountain.

Who are you connected to? Who supports you? Who do you support?
Who helps you to the summit?
How do you teach people when and how they should help you?
Where’s your work / life balance?


Sherpa Mind Map: Phase 2


Standing at the Summit



How do you handle difficult relationships?
How do you get past your fears?
How do you get past perfectionism?


What you have to work on:

Asking great questions.
Filters: are you objective and centered?
Listening with discernment.
Ownership vs. empowerment.


Sherpa Mind Map: Phase 3


Your customized six-month leadership roadmap:

Developing a personal action plan.
Peer review of all action plans with constructive criticism.
Delegates each craft a final action plan.

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